I can Juke around these trees

I do want to go home.

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes popped into my head when I looked up into the sky on a recent safe walk around the blocks with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

As Johnny Lyon sang to me from his spinning vinyl or CD so many times in my life:

<em>I know we had to try

To reach up and touch the sky, baby.</em>

Beautiful this moment was, though I was the only one to reach high in the air to the memory.

12 thoughts on “I can Juke around these trees

  1. I had to look up this song to get the reference and was not disappointed. Great sound I liked the horns. Has a Springsteen feel. So much so I googled the band and learned that they are close. Cool pairing Bro! Well played!


  2. Love Southside. Spending all my summers at the Jersey shore I’ve seen them countless times and met Johnny Lyons a few times as well. In 1980 when I was a sophomore at Syracuse University, that being my first year there, to my surprise, Southside Johnny was the top bill on the Quad. Spirogyra opened and then when they announced Southside Johnny was playing I couldn’t believe it. Here’s a band I saw at least 10 times that summer and they were playing on the Syracuse Quad! What a day!


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