I spy leaves changing

Spotted during a work break stroll Tuesday morning in the Village of Liverpool: Two trees outside the Retreat had leaves that were sporting color change. Already, I wonder?

Such a contrast

It does amaze me, during a late October safe walk in the Village of Liverpool, how some Second Street trees steadfastly hold on to their green, while right across the corner the yellows will soon all have succumbed to the seasonal pull.

I can practically hear the autumn song

When a line of trees change color at the same rate, it’s like a chorus hitting their notes together perfectly. That’s the thought that struck my during a late October safe walk in the Village of Liverpool, staring down the line flanking Washington Park.

Multi-colored tree

This tree on the side of First Street in the Village of Liverpool caught my eye during a late October safe walk because of the purples. And greens. Together, high and low, in the same tree. Beautiful.

I can Juke around these trees

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes popped into my head when I looked up into the sky on a recent safe walk around the blocks with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. As Johnny Lyon sang to me from his spinning vinyl or CD so many times in my life: <em>I know we…

One on our block

One tree on our block seems to be more in a rush to take on its fall color than the others. It looks pretty cool even before the temperatures really dip, I think.