Taking a break from flying south


Geese on the triangle.

On a recent safe walk around the blocks of our neighborhood, cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I spotted a grounded flock of geese. More often we spot them a few miles down the road on the shores of Onondaga Lake rather than this grassy spot stuck in the midst of three streets.

Geese in the neighborhood

Not quiet enough.

Alas, as we attempted to get closer, off the flew. I assumed they’d resume a path south. For winter, you know.

8 thoughts on “Taking a break from flying south

  1. Hi Mark – I love the photos. I haven’t seen the Geese migrating yet in our neck of the woods – but it has just started to cool here (finally) Was only in the 70s yesterday – we all had our sweatshirts and pants on. In the Spring, I usually have a group of ducks come take a rest in our pool, which always sends the dogs into a flurry of activity.


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