In Bad Therapy, the title is an understatement


Searching for a newly released movie that might connect becomes more challenging as we continue through these seasons of living with the virus. I know, way down the list.

<em>Bad Therapy</em> popped up on the free digital service I receive through my library card. The poster features a face from a favorite movie past and a coupling from a new favorite TV show. Alicia Silverstone used to be a <em>Clueless</em> teen in the wayback. Michaela Watkins and Rob Corddry play a married couple in the satisfying CBS sitcom <em>The Unicorn</em>.

Worth the watch, thought I.

Directed by William Teitler from the screenplay by Nancy Doyne crafter from her own novel, this one follows the trials and tribulations of a husband and wife who decide their marriage might need a fine tuning. Thus they visit together a counselor in an office located in a strip mall.

All kinds of trouble ensues.

Here, the couple is Silverstone and Coddry, playing hard-working Californians with a 13-year-old daughter from her previous marriage. Four years into their journey together, she gets the idea for this therapy when her daughter takes a morning trip to the kitchen in her underwear.


Watkins (whose career I’ve followed because she’s a native of Syracuse, and in these parts, we all keep an eye on entertainment folks who happened to be born around here) plays therapist Judy Small with similar sort of eccentricities she gives her present TV character.

Bad Therapy

Life can be OK. (From

Except here she’s up to no good.

And poor Bob and Susan are about to feel the full force of what that means.

Be ready for antics that go way beyond that strip mall office.

It’s enough to keep you out of the I-need-some-help circle for awhile.

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