Life in Roma intrigues all around


Its  images roll by in black and white.

If the Spanish language isn’t your thing, you’ll have to follow along via the English subtitles.

The story takes place in Mexico City, during the early 1970s.

Roma was foreign to my usual viewing habits in so many ways.

And, oh, how this Netflix production directed and written by Alfonso Cuarón won my affection in so many ways.

No wonder, I thought as the languid 2 hours, 15 minutes drifted past my living room eyes, that this received 10 nominations at the 2018 Academy Awards, winning for best foreign language film and two others.

The compelling story ties together the tumultuous lives of a higher-class family with a good heart and intentions their working-class servants.

A different world. 9From

The upper crusters don’t have it easy when the doctor father abandons wife and kids for another woman. Everybody tries to hold the strands of love and duty together when much bad and some good swirls by them.

The country, meanwhile, is fraught with class struggle and protests that add tensions.

I wished good things to come for the good hearts and best intentions.

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