A reminder not to forget them

Onondaga Lake Park

Ride for the missing young ones.

A visit to Onondaga Lake Park’s east side yielded the reminder for an event set up to keep special young ones in our thoughts.

Onondaga Lake Park

They are loved.

It was sobering to see so many hanging placards with names and faces of children who are missing.

May their loved one find some measure of peace in the thought that others remember and will work for them and with them.

13 thoughts on “A reminder not to forget them

  1. There is one of those wise old truisms that says you can tell the measure, merit, and morals of an individual, family, community, or nation by how it values and treats it’s children and old people.
    An excellent post Mark. Thank you.


  2. Oh Mark / thanks for this post! We see some missing children at certain rest areas on road trips and I just pray for them in a general prayer – and this is a good reminder – let us all also watch our children closer – did you hear that joe Montana stopped an abduction recently?


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