Almost but not quite with the 1,000-piece puzzle

Fun galore.

My dear wife Karen finds jigsaw puzzles quite relaxing during vacation.

So early on during our great September 2020 Cape Cod getaway we searched for and found a good 1,000-piece model.

The Cape Cid beach scene took residence on the living room coffee table.

Man, did I have fun … watching Karen put it together as I did this and that on my
iPad and watched sports and shows on TV.

Cheerlead I did.

Karen was superb.

So close.

Alas, eight days in Dennisport was not quite long enough for the finish.

The puzzle came home in pretty big chunks.

6 thoughts on “Almost but not quite with the 1,000-piece puzzle

  1. In that case, I think you may need to plan a longer getaway next year. Squeeze in a few more sights and seafood dishes! Complete that puzzle. It’s the only solution. Vacation is never long enough.


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