Just a quick walk on your beach, please and thank you

Stairway to peaceful state.

This year more than any other, our journey to the public beach in Dennisport, Mass. during our annual Cale Cod getaway was full of expectations and fraught with the weight of the state of our world both.

Ready for what we’ll find.

So we wore our masks in case the beach was crowded.

Our space.

Thankfully, we were able to find our bubble in nature by strolling a bit.

So restorative.

We made the most of God’s great space.

True confession.

OK, now I’ll admit that we did cross the line for a couple hundred yards or so of breathing in the rarified air on the private beach side of the sign. One guy sitting up by his yard glared at me, swears my dear wife Karen.

Back with the flock.

The difference in people on the public side was amazing.


Back up the stairs to the safety of our car we went.

10 thoughts on “Just a quick walk on your beach, please and thank you

  1. I love these scenes! Can anyone really claim a section of beach as private property? Sounds as silly as trying to say this section of sidewalk, within city limits, is private. I’m happy you had a good time. Despite the get-off-my-lawn energy of certain property owners.


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