We’re wondering if we spotted an eagle in its nest

Outdoor relaxation.

Upon exiting Sundancers after a couple outdoor ‘Coladas, my dear wife Karen and I decided to stroll out on a winding wooden dock.

Out there lies a big bird.

Our curiosity was rewarded with the sight of a big nest atop a metal pole.

Better line of sight.

We wound around the dock maze for the best possible view of the big bird, wondering, hoping, maybe, could it …

Majestic no matter.

Is this an Eagle nesting in Dennisport, Mass.?

My tightest izPhone 8 shot possible will let you guess, too.

11 thoughts on “We’re wondering if we spotted an eagle in its nest

  1. Look at that beaut, Mark! I’m not sure what it is either but it is looking majestic and attentive. Maybe a kite? So pretty! Nice catch! Gotta get you hooked up with a point and shoot that has better range for times like these. You have the eye for it, Bro.


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