Back to the Beach (Bar) please and thank you

My dear wife Karen and I wondered how this state of COVID-19 Cautions would affect the places we’ve come to rely on for the two big Rs in our annual Cape Cop getaway.

We’d be happy if they were open and operating in a manner that made us feel safe.

Wait here.

The Beach Bar’s bar is closed, we were informed upon arrival, but the table seating is spread out and accepting masked customers. The wait will be about a half hour, we were told. Put us on the list.

Enough space.

It took more like 10. We were satisfied that we were far enough from any other customers, especially in the open oceanside air.

Our table was right on the rail. After receiving our menus from the fast and courteous server, we felt it was time to …


… take off the masks and let the glorious sun soak in.

Our first order was easy. We’d been waiting for these since June 2019.

Put the rum in the pineapple.

Hello, Cape Cod Pina Coladas.

In every bar on the Cape, food must be ordered with alcoholic beverages.


Large and …

Karen chose a chicken sandwich done up on focaccia bread.

… tasty.

I opted for vegetable egg rolls.

Karen took half her sandwich home.

I practically licked my plate. OK, I made sure I got every morsel in a socially proper and safe manner.

‘Heck of a lunch.


17 thoughts on “Back to the Beach (Bar) please and thank you

  1. Looks like you had a glorious day with all the nice things you craved. I love the ocean view and the food. Makes me want to go to the beach right now, missing the sandy toes and the salty hair and the sea breeze. Thanks for sharing, Mark!😊


  2. It’s a great time to visit the Cape. After Labor Day, the tourists clear out, prices come down, and the ocean’s still warm enough for swimming, more than New Hampshire and Maine where I am.
    Thanks for the reminder that I really do need to get to the coast again before the weather turns. How did the summer pass so quickly?


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