We taste the Polish Fest food at its home

We felt welcome.

After my terrific daughter Elisabeth’s consistent admiration of the posted specials from the Utica Polish Community Club online, my dear wife Karen and I took a Thursday post-work drive east to meet her and George Three for a feast.

This, after all, is the place that we have regularly chosen from the many stands that serve up summer feasts at the Syracuse Polish Fest.

The menu tells the tale.

Polish food night rolls out on Thursdays. Fridays feature seafood.

We chose the outdoor deck instead of the big inside rooms.

The atmosphere was quite pleasant.

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Eisabeth, George and I all ordered the Polish Plate, the same thing we get at the Fest in Syracuse. It fill us up with the kielbasa, pierogi, sauerkraut, galumpki and bread. Per usual, I passed on the stuffed cabbage, and we brought it home so Karen could eat it for lunch. Karen got her own stuffed cabbage as well as splitting a blueberry and sweet cheese pierogi plate with Elisabeth. I added potato pancakes to my feast.

Three of us tried Polish beer. The Polska, ordered by Karen and I, tasted sweet to me. George’s dark beer was indeed more stout. They came in 16-ounce bottles, a rarity here in the States.

The feast was worth the drive.

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