Pete Hamill cued me in about many things

RIP, smart writer Pete.

When Pete Hamill left our world earlier this month, I bowed my head for the loss of a writer whose words meant so much to New Yorkers and smart folks beyond state and, yes, national lines.

Hamill’s ink ran out of his veins onto newsprint and the pages of novels.

Well, I recalled, did not my beat at the big daily include a fascinating phone interview with Hamill when my beat included the Friends of Central LibrAry Gifford Lecture series?

Indeed. Back in the winter of 2009, Hamill gave me more phone time than most for my preview piece. The long Q and A still resides on the big daily site.

I read it again, and feel smarter for it.

If you are chase ideas and words, Pete Hamill’s mind still intrigues. Discover his light at the link above.

14 thoughts on “Pete Hamill cued me in about many things

  1. I loved your interview! It made me nostalgic for real newspaper days. He seems like a nice guy to visit with. Felt like listening in on a great conversation at a coffee shop between two friends. Thank you for posting this Mark!


  2. Cool interview, Mark. I remember reading Pete Hamill’s stuff riding the subways in NYC heading to school (CCNY). If it was written by Pete Hamill, I was there, maybe because I liked his politics. I find the best place for great writers (especially nowadays) is Esquire Magazine, where you would occasionally find a piece by Pete Hamill.


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