Hunting for hidden treasures with the kids

My terrific daughter Elisabeth sent a Saturday morning text invitation?

Up to join a metal detector expedition with her, George Three and nephew Mason?

You betcha.

The Town Hall campus across the way would be a fun place to start, she continued, and then onto Onondaga Lake Park.

We’re rich?

By the time I’d gotten out the front door, they decided a spot on our front lawn had lit up their machine.

Yes, I said, dig away.

What will we buy?

Oh, the thrill of anticipation as they sifted through the soil.

Must be the pipes, George decided.

Beep beep.

They found a few hot spots around the town offices.

I can dig, too.

Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B was rooting for a bone she may or may not have buried in the past.

George does most of the work.

And down the shovel went toward the beep.

Not riches.

Bottle cap.

Painted rock trade.

A quarter was unearthed at Onondaga Lake Park. Equally interesting was the painted rock discovered at the shoreline (left). Elisabeth picked it up and replaced it with her creation (right). She’s into it.

I’d say we found much fun. A couple more posts from my curious mind will follow this week.

Rest assured that all holes were completely and safely filled.

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