Is it what’s in the Banana Split or the local flavor?


Made in Liverpool, N.Y., this movie Banana Split that’s become a Netflix fave of late.

My eyes opened wider at that declaration.

I’ve followed the reports about the movie production company based in the old school building a couple miles down the block from our house and even a shorter distance from the library where I work. Heck, I even sent an email when American High put out a call for extras. No, I did not hear back. No grudge.

I would watch this teen-oriented comedy produced by American High owner Jeremy Garelick with an honest eye. I saw that it had won film fest honors. No matter. I knew that I’d enjoy seeing the local spots used during shooting. Go deeper.

The 1-hour, 28-minute indie directed by Benjamin Kasulke from the script by lead actress Hannah Marks and Joey Power indeed was fun beyond the “there’s Heid’s” and “she’s at the Palace” when the high school graduates ate at our famous hot dog restaurant or hung out at the restored movie theater.

It worked because the story hits the mark.

Producer Garelick has a pretty good history guiding work with The Wedding Ringer and The Break-Up on his resume. This one has smarts on its side. The stars are Marks and Liana Liberato, who play two young women who by conventional means should not like each other much.

April just broke up with Nick. Nick took up with Clara.

April and Clara meet at a party and …

They like each other.

So they hang out, keeping it secret from Nick.

Don’t tell Nick! (From

Nick’s cousin Ben, played quite well by Luke Spencer Roberts, barely keeps from going bonkers keeping their friendship from him.

But into every going-to-college soon triangle some drama must fall.

It’s worth the stream on Netflix, yes, even if you won’t be lucky enough to notice the interior locations.

For weather reasons, they shot the exteriors in California, so, no, those beaches and palms are not in Central New York.

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