Some tasty shrimp from The Clam Bar

Now this is scampi.

I’d been waiting since March for this seated meal out.

And for the shrimp scampi from The Clam Bar in North Syracuse, too.

Small but efficient.

This joint is practically hidden on the big Route 11 strip, modest for sure.

Several, not many.

I’m not ready for eating inside anywhere yet.

But a handful of tables in the great outdoors, yes, I feel like we can handle this safely distanced.

Our masked waitress was quite pleasant.

My aforementioned (and photographed) shrimp dish was fine.

Hover over a gallery photo for an enlarged slide show.

Here’s the rest of the meals enjoyed by my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and sensational George Three on a fantastic Father’s Day late afternoon. Salad, bread, crab cake sandwich, golden platter, steak and cheese sandwich. Beer. Yum.

I must disclose that the steak and cheese plate had to be sent back because Elisabeth noted suspicious green mold on the bun. The waitress gladly brought out a whole new plate and expressed her disappointment at the discovery and delay. No discounts were taken from the bill … they must make up for the long closure from COVID-19, yes.

This will not deter me from going back for more from The Clam Bar.

14 thoughts on “Some tasty shrimp from The Clam Bar

  1. Oh how scrumptious! What a delicious spread and I’m so sorry about the mold on the bun… darn! But eating outside is perfect for me. Im with you… not ready to do inside dining just yet with lots of people.


  2. Mark, a mouthwatering post here has me wondering if it’s time for lunch! Curses. Not even close. Poor Elisabeth. But she took it in stride. The full blue moon might have helped ease the delay? Wonderful to see more from your special day. Happy the positive experience carries on.


  3. Thank sounds delicious, shame about the mould on the bun, I hate that it taints the expense. You are very good to be so kind and not deduct from the bill. Catch up or not they should not be playing catch up at their customers exspence. Be well and careful. 💜💜💜


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