May you stay safe and well

Safe gathering.

My dear wife Karen and I were safely sitting in our side alcove when we heard voices coming from the Town offices across the way.

I checked it out.

A group of students, with an adult giving them instructions.

They were all safely spaced and wearing masks.

Oh, what an end to a school year it’s been for them.

I wish them well as they head toward the summer. I’m not sure what exactly they were hearing, but I am sure they were really good at the social distancing rules.

If it is about some sort of ceremony for finishing hard-worked school years, bravo. Bravissimo. Well-done.

7 thoughts on “May you stay safe and well

  1. Oh to be a teacher this past year… oh to be a student this past year! My heart goes out to them. And to the parents who had to teach from their homes this year…!
    I am a retired teacher… and to think I could not teach my students in a classroom would make my heart sick! This pandemic has made education a sad situation.
    So seeing this makes my heart sing. I can’t even imagine how this instructor feels right now. And how these students are taking it all in.
    Have a great day Mr. Mark!

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