May your life go on to much better things

Happy trails to you.

On a recent safe walk around our neighborhood, my dear wife Karen and I noticed a house or two proclaiming pride for Liverpool High School seniors who are celebrating their graduation.

Well done, students.

What a time to be sent off to other things, be it college, trade school, gap years, jobs. Life. What’s in store in these months, years, to come?

These seniors had to finish their final year of high school without going to the school. They took those last classes online, from home. They missed the socialization so important to life, the mixing and matching and send-offs from those that have sat next to them for their whole lives so far.

And those that have been accepted to colleges for fall … will those campuses be open? Will they be called to study online some more?

What about the careers in the majors they have chosen? Will they stand up in the new economy?


How are they feeling health-wise today?

Yes, a lot went through my mind when I passed those lawn signs.


It’s got to get better down the line, seniors.

Good luck and Godspeed.

14 thoughts on “May your life go on to much better things

  1. Congratulations to them all. I saw pictures from one graduation where they utilized the entire football field so the entire senior class could sit together, distanced, in their caps and gowns to graduate. I loved it. The space between them did not diminish the time they had spent together and their accomplishments. I was happy to see them all together.


  2. You bring up a lot of good points, Mr. Mark. My Alex has one year left, but it’s up in the air whether he’ll go back, what with his heart condition. Strange times indeed.


  3. These milestones do look different lately. I think these students are skilled at networking and building safe communities for themselves. We need each other, they seem to really get that. Better days ahead is my hope for them too, Mark. Well said.


  4. I’m so glad to see them honored, it’s amazing what schools all over the country have done to try to make them know that they are valued. I believe it is hard for them now, but they will be resilient and have this story to tell future generations about their graduation year.


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