That’s a good line

The sign says so much. Most of the Onondaga Lake proper is frozen over this February, but the marina area still holds some moving waters. In fact, that one area looks like a good, old-fashioned pond on a farm to drop your line. Or maybe I’ve been taking work break safe walks during too cold…

That is the sun

My February work break safe walk led me to the refreshing sight of the sun shining over the Onondaga Lake Park trees and off the frozen-over waters. I had a few seconds to appreciate the view, take a photo, and book on back toward the library.

Put away the lights, please

On a recent work break safe walk — short, yes — I passed a tangle of the taken-down Lights on the Lake displays. I don’t blame the workers from resting them until, well, maybe a warm spell?

Pretty close to Syracuse, really

So when I explain to folks here in Bloggyville about where exactly Liverpool is, I always come up with the phrase “just outside of Syracuse.” During a recent safe walk in the Village, this sight struck me. Exactly two miles outside, from this busy corner.