Direct from Hot Springs, they remain Dapper and Debonaire


My sister-in-law Lynne and niece Stormy own a cool store in Hot Springs, Ark.

Dapper and Debonair. I’d shop there if I lived anywhere near Hot Springs. Oh, wait. They have a website for buying their great products. A ways back, they sent me some fantastic shave soap and brush as a gift. I loved it so much I shared my enthusiasm here.

Now they came up with a great mask for our times.

We got four in the mail, for my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth, George Three and myself.

Love it!

I hope they are not needed by the time the next family reunion rolls around in 2021, you know?

Thank you so much, Lynne and Stormy, for all your hard work in the crisis.

7 thoughts on “Direct from Hot Springs, they remain Dapper and Debonaire

  1. Have fun. We were in Hot Springs last Thanksgiving and it is always so beautiful with kind people. You have reminded me that both my family reunion and my 30-year High School reunion were both canceled this year. Dang ‘rona!


  2. This is great! I will share it with my husband. Just for fun he has decided to grow his hair and beard out until he no longer has to wear a mask at work. Which may actually be for years! His hair is already much longer than mine. Fortunately I don’t have a beard to compare his to. 🙂


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