Thinking back to that Hawaii trip

For my dear wife Karen’s new masks, terrific daughter Elisabeth found pineapple-adorned fabric, reminiscent of that family reunion trip we all took to the Big Island. They are fabulous.

My new masks are right for the library

My terrific daughter Elisabeth made me a new mask. Two, in fact, of the same style. She picked the book-adorned fabric to honor my job at the library. I wore it out on the Dinosaur Garden lawn, where our three dinosaur statues have their own masks as an example for proper safety measures.

Latest in mask fashion

My terrific daughter Elisabeth and George Three definitely scored with their latest mask fashions. Yes, George is a Yankees fan. And still I hang out with him. Elisabeth surely loves her glitter. We will continue to stock up on masks, all four of us. And wear them out we do.

Direct from Hot Springs, they remain Dapper and Debonaire

My sister-in-law Lynne and niece Stormy own a cool store in Hot Springs, Ark. Dapper and Debonair. I’d shop there if I lived anywhere near Hot Springs. Oh, wait. They have a website for buying their great products. A ways back, they sent me some fantastic shave soap and brush as a gift. I loved…

Thank you for my Mets mask, Amber

My friend and former big daily colleague Amber sent me a Facebook message asking for an actual address. She makes masks in her free time. This New York Mets mask was produced specifically for me. Yes, she has me pegged. Her wishes that I get to wear it to an actual New York Mets or…