How much is enough?

We’re trying to do the best we can to put this virus behind us.

Wear the mask. Keep the distance. Be smart.

Even as we read and watch others in the country, top down, argue about the wisdom of this and that, and do what they will.

We regret the death of a man who had a police knee on his throat far too long despite his voiced protests, seeing the incident again and again.

We agree with the peaceful protestors who say all Americans must respect and enact a process and encompassing social mindset that eliminates such actions and absolute fear of police-citizen interaction.

We look at our own lives and take inventory at our interactions with all people because of the peaceful protestors.

We cringe when a small percentage of the peaceful protestors get violent, smashing property and looting.

We cringe more when our elected leader rages in response and threatens more violence in retribution.

Then I awaken to local news that a longtime friend still working for the big daily was shoved by a police officer while covering the protesters, just a worker doing a job singled out very obviously.

You can see the video here.

I wish so hard for recovery from the bruises and scrapes and mental stress from that shove.

I wish so hard that we all can still find a way to believe that calmer heads remain the majority.

I wish so hard that things will settle, improve.

16 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. Good points Mark! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, we need him to tell this story too. My heart is so heavy lately. Can hardly wait for Nov 3rd. Hang on to hope!


    • Nov. 3 better turn out the way we hope, Sandra. I still remember my state-by-state disbelief four years ago, feeling quite like hoping that big wave building out there in the ocean broke before it hit me and everybody else living our lives near the shore. Anyway.
      My friend Dennis is the soft-spoken type. Maybe when the distancing relaxes I will see him and he’ll share feelings with me.

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      • Fingers and toes crossed for better days. Better outcomes. Leadership that brings out the best in people. I hope you can connect with your friend when it is safe to do so.


  2. Well, that shove certainly was uncalled for. She should press charges. On the other hand, here some protestors drove a vehicle through the police line and ran over two cops, putting them in the hospital with serious injuries. The suspects were caught in their vehicle, after the police shot and injured them as well. Things are just so ugly out there right now.


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