Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis share spotlight with real stars of Holiday in the Wild


When we start the story of Holiday in the Wild, we might think that Kristin Davis can merely rely on leftover skills from her days as Charlotte in Sex and the City. Wife Kate wants to celebrate her anniversary, but hubbie tells her he wants to split instead.

Hurt and angered, she takes her gift trip to Africa for a safari solo instead.

At the first dinner, she takes some of the anguish out on a smug solo guy who might be trying to … well … she spills her story and opens his eyes wide before giving him her dinner for two and storming off.

You know that he’s going to be her small plane pilot for her planned excursion the next day.

Here’s where this tale directed by Ernie Barbarash from a screenplay by Neil Dobofsky and Tippi Dobrofsky definitely turns from run-of-the-mill.

Rob Lowe’s Derek lands the plane unexpectedly when he sees a baby elephant lying hurt in the bush. He signals for help from an elephant rescue crew. It turns out that’s his true mission and passion. Wouldn’t you know it, Kate was a veterinarian before she gave up the career to put cad husband through school and tend to their son. She wants in on the rescue.

Her time and their adventures with the large assemblage of elephants healing from the evil hunters who left them lying to take their ivory tusks is quite a good watch indeed in this Netflix production.

It’s sweet, the interplay between humans and elephants, as we are reminded how smart and sweet these large beasts really are.

Hi, baby. (From

The relationship that grows between Doc Kate and all the people around her ain’t bad, either.

It’s 85 minutes well spent.

10 thoughts on “Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis share spotlight with real stars of Holiday in the Wild

  1. When I saw the picture before reading the title I thought maybe this was a Siri story. 🙂 Looks like a great escape, Mark! Thank you for this enjoyable write up.


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