Get sad as good people spiral in Marriage Story


Marriage Story is as sad a movie as I’ll see during this stay-at-home, I’m quite certain during and right after watching it on Netflix with my dear wife Karen, blotting my eyes with a tissue and knowing in my heart that it deserved the praise and honors of this year’s award shows.

Oh, how these 2 hours and 17 minutes directed and written by Noah Baumbach seem so damn realistic.

And the acting by leads Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver pulls you right into the story …

Nicole and Charlie are talking about the end of their 10-year-marriage when we meet them. Actually, we hear their voices handling the task given by a counseling session: Write a letter marking what they liked about their spouse during that decade.

Each had tender little moments to warm us immediately. They were good together, and with their 8-year-old son, Henry.

But then …

Nicole won’t read it to Charlie, though he’s eager to tell her his side.

Yes, we see, he thinks their life in Brooklyn is quite wonderful. She needs the return to her home roots of LA that he’s repeatedly brushed off.

The pain is so real as they fight, to find some sort of middle ground, for themselves and for their son.

The legal system pulls them in deeper.

Oh, what was. (From

Every baby step forward is followed by a crater of sorrow and pain.

But they must cope, learn, go on.

And I must blot my tears.

If you haven’t yet streamed on Netflix, bring the tissues.

10 thoughts on “Get sad as good people spiral in Marriage Story

  1. Anyone who has endured the break up of a marriage with children, and the pain that comes with it, can attest to how well the screenplay and acting captured the reality of divorce with children.


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