Now let’s dry it up

Puddle period.

I could take a stroll and dodge the wet, yes.

But I sure have had enough of the April showers, snow and rain.

Walking socially distanced will be more pleasant when it’s dryer and warmer, I imagine.

16 thoughts on “Now let’s dry it up

  1. Mark, hold together things will improve. I cut my grass yesterday weather here is a bit more mild but has still dipped. Where you are more tendency to be effected by lake effect tail pattern.
    Sounds like your getting along. I walk regularly all the time. Not as lucky to be that close to a lake like you though no matter what it’s condition. Actually wondered if there were any fish in there. I used to get bass and pickerel at Kenoza lake. Some big ones by the hill right before dinner bell cal at Valley View.
    Hang in there keep doing what your doing.
    In the meantime be safe and God bless


    • I am walking whenever I can, Gerald, mostly in the neighborhood. The lake, only a two-mile drive away, is a treat for its different views. But I don’t want to go when there are too many people, of course. The lake does have fish, and plenty of people dip a line. But you’re not supposed to eat your catch because of the awful history of pollution. The cleanup is happening, but still …
      Be safe, good sir.


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