Boats were out on the lake

Signs of floating.

A quick stroll from the Village of Liverpool to the Onondaga Lake Park marina area this past week yielded no boats docked. Yet.

I did, however, spot the obvious signs of two boat owners who’d gone out for some time on the lake.

I looked on the water but did not see them.

We are getting there, I know.

15 thoughts on “Boats were out on the lake

  1. Perhaps you stumbled onto a mystery… Where did the boats go? Oooh! Maybe that’s your town’s way of staging a neighborhood whodunit to get everyone to forget the cabin fever and focus on this… Stay tuned…


  2. Boating can be relaxing… I would love to go kayaking at a lake here in AZ. But its way too busy for my liking… and they are even limiting the people.


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