Good to get out to the big park

Just us.

My dear wife Karen and I were mostly able to carve our own space at Onondaga Lake Park on Easter Sunday.

Some folks on the trails were not wearing masks at they walked, biked or skated. What were they thinking, we asked ourselves.

Others did.

We kept to six feet away. And went to water’s edge for a few moments of just-us ahhhhhh.

12 thoughts on “Good to get out to the big park

    • Yes, Nance, escaping to a slice of nature helps the mind so much during our isolationists times. Be it a big park, a backyard, or, I suspect, a balcony or window looking out over a courtyard or street, the psychological effects of change and release could and should be similar!

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  1. i’m so glad that you both were able to do this. heading out into nature each day is really helping me during this challenging time. i also wonder what people are thinking when they don’t take considerate precautions when heading out.


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