Turn over the tables to avoid temptation

No sitting.

The workers at Onondaga Lake Park were not subtle in their manner of telling folks what they cannot do when they take their socially distanced strolls along the trails.

No sitting at the tables or benches.

Different sight.

Those that could be turned over, are. Others are adorned with paper signs that tell people not to use them.

16 thoughts on “Turn over the tables to avoid temptation

  1. While that might look depressing to you, Mark, to me, it looks like a great idea! (We’re still dealing with too many people visiting the parks when they’re supposed to stay indoors.) Great photos, by the way! 😊


  2. Perfectly reasonable to me. People are not thinking about how they would have to wipe down everything that they sit on. Another reason to not to use any public transportation or go sit in a doctor’s office or a park bench. I go on a jog every morning now, and I have to remind myself not to lean against the railing of the bridge when I look over it. I have no idea who just touched it.


  3. I especially like the last picture, Mark! Nice work. Perfect mood with the gray sky. These are strange times. It’s odd seeing the playgrounds wrapped in caution tape with keep out signs. I guess people aren’t keeping distance without these measures. Sigh.


  4. I certainly understand the message, but what about older people who are out for a stroll but maybe want to rest for a minute or two before moving on? One person on a bench or at a table is not against the rules. Unless they figure us older folks shouldn’t be going out in the first place …


  5. Mark, no problem in two weeks you can just go back to normal again. All dangers will magically have gone away?
    When they turn them back over and say it’s okay what had changed?
    I’m wondering if those who are supposed to guide us in these matters really can?
    I know the companies that know about these things are all working diligently behind the scenes to come up with a real solution.
    And let’s not forget all the workers trying to save lives as well risking themselves and their families.
    One might ask what is really important safety or the economic and how many lives are worth sacrifice to push this action?
    Those who believe they are immune or the lucky 🍀 94% who make it can choose!


    • I am not out protesting for the reopening of society, Gerald. I am keeping the proper distance and rooting for the science and medical people to come up with successful treatments and vaccine.


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