Our first flowers of spring

My dear wife Karen called me out to the backyard.

Bright yellow.

She had spotted our yearly winner. Out next to the back deck have sprouted five yellow flowers from many green applicants.

Bright they are.

Worth getting out there for a good look, yes. Thank you, April flowers.

28 thoughts on “Our first flowers of spring

  1. Mine should be blooming any day now! We had our first nice day yesterday after a few days of doom and gloom. 🌤 cold again today and tomorrow but then hopefully warm again for the next week, at least enough to get them to bloom 🌼


  2. Wow, didn’t you have snow just last week? Your photo makes me really wish I had put in perennials at some point; what with the lockdown, I’m not likely to be doing any flowers this year (not willing to go to a garden center, even if I could find an open one). Are things as scary in Syracuse as they are in Buffalo? We have 802 positive cases in Erie County, and climbing steadily. But at least spring will arrive no matter what else is going on.


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