Pretty bird

Nice sight on high.

Taking a walk to get out from the house but still say socially distanced, my dear wife Karen spotted a lovely female cardinal up in a neighbor’s front yard tree.

Closer look.

I got as close as I could, physically and by playing with the iPhone 8, trying hard not to scare the pretty bird away.

Different side.

The cardinal proved to be fairly solid up there.

Thank you, cardinal.

It truly gave me a smile.

10 thoughts on “Pretty bird

  1. I’m noticing more of the details in our immediate surroundings too, Mark. Slower pace is nice in that regard. So glad you’re taking time to find joy together! Keep it going my friend! Also, I love the pictures!


    • Yes, Sandra, there is still wonder in finding the details that too often hide around us. I’m glad to take the time with my dear wife to circle the blocks with my iPhone in hand. Her good eye definitely helps this blog! Take care out there with your two lovelies, please and thank you.


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