Flush with excitement

My dear wife Karen and I got tired of having to lift the little handle up every darn time we used the thing.

That was the only way we could get the water to stop running.

We kept a lid on it.

There comes a time when you know an something familiar in the house has to be replaced.

Oh, I guess, we could have had a plumber mess with its innards.

Bright addition.

Nah. Before the New Normal isolation took over our lives, we went for a new model from the local Lowe’s, put in by the worker sent over by Charles Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing.

It stands taller and uses less water.

We like it!

20 thoughts on “Flush with excitement

  1. Ha ha–good one, Mark! I love my new toilet with the European-style buttons for water flow. Just think, every day we are doing our part to help Mother Earth and humankind by using less water.
    Thanks for sharing your new acquisition!


  2. Yes, the little joys and victories will see us through! Given the news coming from the East I’m happy to read that this is what’s new with you and Karen. Take good care my friend!


  3. May I point out the problem is in the tank. There are two basic assemblies which can de replaced and a kit with both for $10-15 but it would be best if you have some familiarity with doing this.
    However if you are just ready to replace the look then by all means change everything out.
    I have recently done this at my sons house since he had an older one piece unit and those parts are actually more expensive and difficult than the newer units.
    I would like to suggest the two flush mode style to save water these have become very affordable $100-125 in stock.
    Good luck and don’t get flushed over it!


  4. When does the bidding start on the TP, Tissues and lysol wipes? Did you talk Karen out of the bidet? Don’t forget to flush 15 to 20 times anyway as per POTUS.


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