Award-winning rescue mutt

My dear wife Karen had to order a package to arrive in the mail from our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

Yes, it’s for you.

She know how much the dog would like opening the darn thing up.

Go ahead, squeak it.

And playing with the toy inside.

Proud wearer.

No to mention wearing the award necklace.


The Barkies were a big hit.

16 thoughts on “Award-winning rescue mutt

  1. Very nice pets are wonderful.
    Just a word of caution I saw a story this morning where Amazon workers were complaining about lack of sanitizer with no health or leave coverage.
    No evidence virus cannot be transmitted via packages alive on surfaces. We have been wiping them down. A few stories where animals don’t mix well with this virus.
    But all things being equal hope dogamus enjoys these items.
    Be safe.


    • This package arrived before the crisis, and the post was scheduled from a while ago, Gerald. Yes, we are being cautious about what is arriving at our house as we stay at home. Thank you!


  2. Puppy Cody loves boxes, too. We often put a treat inside an empty cereal box and let her tear it apart. Most fun ever! Ellie B deserves her gift – I’m sure she wears herself guarding you and Karen every day. [Virtual] hugs to all of you.


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