What are the biggest changes you’ve made for The New Normal?

It’s been a week now that my library job is taking place at home.

The governor of New York State and County Executive of Onondaga County said all libraries should close their doors to the public as our fight against COVID-19 escalated.

Life is changing quickly every day, it seems, even while staying in place.

Work clothes, still.

I work my weekday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours, with 30 minutes for lunch, posting on the library’s social media platforms, tracking news, corresponding with colleagues.

I miss the real contact, with co-workers and library patrons.

Our announced anticipated reopening is about a week away, still, on April 1. We shall see if those government officials have anything more to say that influences library decisions first.

My dear wife Karen is home, too, the eye surgery place having closed as well. She is on call for any emergencies, but does not have any daily at-home duties.

We are really staying in.

We are eating from stock in our freezers and cupboards.

How is The New Normal treating you? Staying well, I really, really hope.

What changes have you made in your routine?

25 thoughts on “What are the biggest changes you’ve made for The New Normal?

  1. We’re four of us pretty well separated all day for elearning and work, and then we all gather in the evening, so it’s very similar. We don’t drive the kids all over, so there’s that, which is bad and good, or as they say, it is what it is.


  2. Initially I was watching every conference fed live to tv. I stopped that. I am reading more. Doing my work from home. So much to do but no real drive to do it. I want to minimize what is in my house, but no place to take it to right now. But otherwise, enjoying being home. I can sit on my porch and yell hello to the runners, walkers and bikers. Or I can sit out back in solitude. I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt at times-knowing there are so many doing so much work-and I’m not helping. I know staying home is a help. But it seems so very little when others are giving so very much.


    • It is a long time away, Jen. We had hoped to return to the physical library on April 1 when announced a week and a half ago. That would have given us two weeks of closure. Now the word is closed until further notice. I just don’t know when leaders will say it will be OK to go back to the routines.

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  3. I already work at home, so that hasn’t changed. Sister Michelle still goes to the office, but she says there’s almost no traffic now. Son Jeremy works as a pool cage installer, and of course, no one wants to pay for home repairs right now, so he’s home, too. The freezer and pantry are close to bare, and the stores don’t have much on the shelves. We keep praying for the healthcare workers and everyone worldwide to beat this thing and stay healthy while they do.


  4. We are staying home too. The biggest thing is not hanging out and entertaining with friends. We are retired so the staying at home is a bit the same. Have only gone to the store twice during this whole virus thing and have sanitized everything and wonder if it’s enough.

    Praying for everyone! My son is in healthcare and works at the Cleveland Clinic Campus downtown. I pray for him everyday!

    Sending well wishes to you and yours!


    • We are staying away from stores as very much as possible, too, Nance. We are using the supermarket delivery service. The few times we have gone out and actually touched anything, we have used our bottles of hand sanitizers. Otherwise, it’s been only walking around the neighborhood blocks and saying hello to other walkers form a distance.
      My daughter is a physical therapist aide also still working with patients in the practice, so I share your worries that way. We will pray for all to be safe, my friend.

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  5. I’m trying to limit my news intake. Just enough to be responsible not too much to send my mind spinning like a top. I worry, lots. I’m walking the puppy daily with Oliva. Erik and I are both working from home. We are eating from our pantry and what’s in the fridge. Thankfully the library loans ebooks too! Thank you Mark. Stay safe, you and the whole family. Thinking of you out east. Xo


  6. my whole family is staying home for work, each in our own homes, and one still in the workplace in as needed worker. i walk to my park every day and go for a long stroll at least twice a day, with/apart from one daughter who lives in my neighborhood. i’ll begin teaching from home next week, i miss the everyday give and take of family and friends in person, (online is nice, but not the same),and the freedom to go places. olive my cat is happy to have the company, and i find that i lose track of what day it is. i’m grateful that my people are well, and feel for those out there who are not.


  7. We officially went on lock down (our PM couldn’t even say the word) in UK on Monday and that is when I also stopped going to work. Having a four year old with me at all times is challenging. Beautiful and entertaining but so damn hard. At the moment I am trying to write and read as much possible and with my little one trying to take part in as many online, live activities – we have morning exercises with our PE Joe live on Youtube, dance class is online as well. music from pre school is also online class and as I am really bad at arts and crafts I try and top it all up with Diney +


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