It didn’t take long for the snowy side of spring

Welcome to Monday.

As i woke up for the second work week at home as well as the week two of spring, I was greeted to another new arrival.

It stuck.

I had heard that some white stuff could be coming on the weather forecast, but I had no idea it would stick this much.

The lawn and cars are covered.

I don’t have to brush anything off. We’re inside during the New Normal.

My shift for the library starts at 8:30. I’ll catch up with news and blog stuff.

Be safe. Be careful.

13 thoughts on “It didn’t take long for the snowy side of spring

  1. Good distraction a late winter Nor’easter. Looks like we can walk to school across the street though, if it were opened.
    Hope everyone is holding up, be well and God bless.
    And wash your hands!


    • That is a vintage former school now converted to the town offices, Gerald. It usually bustles weekday business hours. This new cautious protocol in our state, no.
      Be well down the Thruway, and, yes, wash your hands!


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