What can go wrong when kids and smokejumpers share a firehouse in Playing with Fire

(From IMDb.com)

What to do when a trio of kids has to bunk in with four equally precocious firefighters?

Oh, wait. Jake Carson, the big and burly guy whom the world within Playing with Fire revolves, would right away jump in and correct us that they are smokejumpers, yes. Firefighters, no.

That’s what this leader of the pack does, you see, in the comedy directed by Andy Fickman from a screenplay by Dan Ewan and Matt Lieberman. He bristles at people, attacks like an alpha, makes sure that the world acts like he thinks it should.

Funny, no?

Well, sometimes, no, hard as John Cena tries to make it so.

The problem, you see …

Where do we start?

The slapstick is plain silly, even in the hands of accomplished actors such as John Leguizamo, Keegan-Michael Key and Tyler Mane taking on the roles of Supe’s sidekicks. Yup. Supe is the nickname, short for Superintendent.

The plot line jumps from kid-oriented to more-PG as the children are introduced, saved from a burning cabin and then established as orphans, not on-their-own with parents away for the weekend.

Who will will who’s heart?

Can’t we all get along? (From IMDb.com)

Yes, a love interest for Supe enters, too, a scientist played by veteran actress Judy Greer.

A big boss comes in, played by another vet, Dennis Heisbert.

The slapstick turns to warm-and-fuzzies.

Who is going to get Supe’s attention most of all?

Can they all keep your eyes, mind and heart into it?

8 thoughts on “What can go wrong when kids and smokejumpers share a firehouse in Playing with Fire

  1. Saw this trailer at the movies. Liva was ready to see more than the preview. Sounded silly enough to get away with a few good laughs. Did John leguizamo pull it off? I can’t recall another role like this for him. Maybe that was the appeal. Nice run down, Mark!


  2. Took this out from the library and got through about 20 minutes before ejecting the disk. Will never get that 20 back. I really like John Leguizamo, but he must have been hard up for money after reading this script then saying yes.


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