You can stock up anew with the Syracuse Mets

New season, new gear.

Come and get it.

You know the Syracuse Mets store was open and waiting for fans at Saturday’s open house at NBT Bank Stadium.


There were plenty of shirts in styles I did not see in last year’s first connection between our hometown squad and my favorite major league team.



A whole lot.

There was another side and center racks, too.

A hat, yes.

Instead of shirts, though, my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and I all went for a new hat. I got the blue with orange bill, crowned. They will be twinsies when they wear theirs with little spring flowers on it.

George, adamant still for the Syracuse Chiefs name, said no thank you.

17 thoughts on “You can stock up anew with the Syracuse Mets

  1. Anyone here about national emergency declared. Limit public gathering?
    All non essential stores are closed today. At least here they are.
    It very sad but true. Goal to contain virus sooner will hopefully get things back to normal.
    I didn’t do it just pointing it out.


    • That is reported in plenty of other places, Gerald, don’t you agree? The fact is I gather and post my material a bit ahead of time because that’s the way the blog can fit into my life. When I’ve promoted the posts on my social media, I have mentioned them in contest to the heath crisis.


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