You can’t shake this nickname

Nice shirt.

I spotted a store on my Downtown Syracuse walk selling a shirt bearing the city’s nickname.

Wow, how this title for Syracuse has hung in there.

We do not manufacture salt anymore, no matter how you put it on the table.

Here are the origins of the title, thanks to the Onondaga Historical Association.

20 thoughts on “You can’t shake this nickname

  1. That’s a very cool story on your city’s salt history! I’ve never heard of salt springs. I would have assumed the nickname came from having to salt the roads so often during snow. LOL!


  2. News to me! I love this story. At first I guessed maybe it had to do with salting the street to combat the ice/snow. I see that is not the story. I like that you can see a big pile of snow on the sidewalk in the reflection. Nice job, Mark!


  3. Actually salt is still big in NY state. Cargill has purchased many of the old sites and large in Albany and Watkins Glenn areas to name a few.
    In the Pocono mountains in PA they used to harvest ice from the high lakes and use the canal system to transport them down for refrigeration before mechanical units caught on Odd little remains of that culture.


  4. Actually NY state still big in salt. Cargill has obtained many of the older sites. Large ones on Albany and Watkins Glenn among others.
    Many years ago the Pocono mountains in PA harvested ice blocks on the high lakes and transported them down the canal system for refrigeration before the mechanical units caught on. Funny nothing seems to remain of things like that.

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