Now that’s a big advertisement for Syracuse

A recent trip to downtown Syracuse to attend a social media breakfast for my job at the library took me past the Civic Center.

Somebody redecorated one of the brown brick walls while I was gone.

What plays here.

What plays here.

The advertisement for the teams and other events that take place at the complex the city and Onondaga County call Oncenter is quite striking, I say.

In the War Memorial, we’ve got the Syracuse Crunch American Hockey League team and the Syracuse Silver Knights MASL indoor soccer team …

What sort of advertisements do you see in your downtown? What part of the mural catches your attention the most? What would you like to do in downtown Syracuse?>/em>

10 thoughts on “Now that’s a big advertisement for Syracuse

    • I wonder how that thing was printed, Beth. We have a big laser printer in the communications department at the library. It’s capable of making a poster a hundredth of that size? But now I’m just running at the mouth.

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  1. Neat ad Mark = promoting all the different events that occur in the facility. Ottawa being the capital of Canada has many public buildings like The National Art Museum,the National Art center,the museum of Natural History, the Museum of Science and Technology, etc. They all display huge 2 or 3 story posters advertising either coming attractions or current attractions.


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