I see the truck clearly but the business is fuzzy

On a walk around the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood with my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, I lagged behind a minute or so toward the end.

There was a scene that struck my fancy.

Business, man.

Business, man.

I could tell right off what this truck owner did for a living.

And I looked hard but did not see anybody doing any window-washing. Giving an estimate? Lives there? My curiosity was killing me.

Apartment, complex?

Apartment, complex?

I walked further and thought maybe the cleaning was going on at the apartment building to the right, out of sight …

Do you do windows? What do you make of the truck and the business? Do you think I have too much idle time during my walks with my wife and my dog?


20 thoughts on “I see the truck clearly but the business is fuzzy

  1. You absolutely are not too curious Mark. Think about it, if you were a thief and you knew a house was empty, but wanted to scout it further to look for unlatched windows (on all floors) or best way to enter, what better way to do it than to impersonate window cleaners in broad daylight. You could march around the building with a ladder and check all the windows while carrying a bucket and squeegee and people would just greet you with a smile and wave if they even noticed.

    As far as I am concerned situational awareness is critical to reduce crime – on all levels. We are responsible for each other (“Am I my brother’s keeper?” It turns out the answer is yes.) and if we practice that then we deter crime on all levels from theft to graffiti to (God forbid) murder and terrorism. The modern tendency to privacy has, at times, gone too far for all our good.

    Keep watching Mark and don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Criminals would just love for you to ignore them.


    • Thank you for affirming my need to always ask the W’s during my daily doings, Paul. What? Why? I was naturally predicated to become a journalist … No, wait, I recall my father always lecturing me about the benefits of curiosity while I was growing up, so it was a combination of nature and nurture.

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  2. Maybe…maybe he’s doing interiors?? Ha, ha! You know there’s a law restricting business vehicles being parked on the street because people get distracted by the print and it can cause accidents…at least here in L. A. Guess you might be a prime victim!


  3. My guess is that he either lives in that house or in one of the apartments and was home for lunch. Or he was simply visiting someone (I see contractors parked in from of my bimbo neighbor’s house all the time, and trust me, she’s not having any work done on the house). As for the windows, I finally had to clean my new windows – bummer, can’t they make self-cleaning windows? Lord knows I paid enough for them.


  4. I think it’s important to know what’s going on, from a safety standpoint, so no, I don’t think you’re too curious. It’s entirely possible the worker was collecting sums, making estimates, or even working on the inside.


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