The Polish Fest tradition continues to make us happy

We won’t miss Polish Fest at downtown Syracuse’s Clinton Square.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

We start with our lunch.

Our go-to place has become the tent from Utica’s finest Polish Community Home.

Of course, after eating, we walk to take in the sights.

No thank you.

T-shirts are aplenty.

Great name.

We were too full to partake, but I had to salute this food truck for its witty title.

16 thoughts on “The Polish Fest tradition continues to make us happy

  1. That’s one fest I would be willing to attend. I’m half Polish (in fact, my dad didn’t even speak English until he started school!), and I loved that food growing up. My dad used to drive into the Polish section of Buffalo to buy homemade pierogi from an elderly Polish lady. The frozen stuff they have now comes nowhere near that taste. Add homemade kielbasa and it’s a feast.


  2. Yes, please! I will eat all the things, thank you!
    It’s too hot to do festing here this summer. I can’t get over how cool it looks and how a man in the photos is wearing a jacket!


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