Now we can picture where George works

We took an added stroll from our visit to Polish Fest to take a good, long look at the new place where George Three has started to work.

It’s just up Erie Boulevard West from Clinton Square. My terrific daughter Elisabeth’s sensational significant has been explaining to me that his great new job is in the same building as the VA for a couple of weeks now.

I couldn’t quite grasp exactly where.

But as we walked from the fest and it came into view …

“The old Motor Vehicles,” said my dear wife Karen.

Looks great.

A-ha moment.

He parks in a lot behind buildings on the other side of the boulevard. No charge. There’s a cafe inside his building. He likes it so far.

We all feel better seeing it with our own eyes, for sure. I can even better imagine the route he takes from the Thruway …

11 thoughts on “Now we can picture where George works

  1. As they say, A picture paints a thousand words. In many cases, it’s true.
    I cannot tell you how often I know the location of something, but can’t picture it in my mind until someone says, “It’s behind the ____” or “across from ___” YEP!


  2. I know where all my kids work, but I’ve never been to their business sites. They’re all in decent, safe (or as safe as possible, these days) locations, and they’re happy at their jobs, so that’s good enough for me. Of course, I’ve also never attended an event within walking distances of their work places, so have had no reason to just stroll on over. I probably would, in that case.


  3. I think I need to do the same with where my son works.

    Til this day I have no idea what he does but I do know where he works. In all fairness to me… he is an IT engineer……..!


    • Haha, Nance. I could hear the whole day’s agenda and still not have a clue! So with you on that one.
      But, yes, to go see the physical location gives a sense of connection that helps our generation, I believe.

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