Sometimes I can’t help myself

Don’t get nervous around me, though.

The other day I was reading my friend Ann Koplow’s blog and a photo jumped out at me.

I’m pretty sure that one of her workplace mates had put a sign up that that Judgement.

My brain couldn’t help but scream at the e in the middle.

Once an editor, always an editor.

My library colleague Edina even game me the little sign pictured above for my desk.

Please do not poke me about any mistakes found in this blog. Every writer needs an editor, and we here in WordPress Bloggyville are on our own.

27 thoughts on “Sometimes I can’t help myself

  1. I KNOW, I KNOW! I make plenty of mistakes, but the number of people who like judgement and cancelled gets to me. Not like “your welcome” gets to me because it’s not right in an alternative way, but still…


  2. Hey, Mark! I just left a comment that didn’t appear here. Sometimes I just can’t help myself in making sure my comments get through. Thanks for this post and I hope you know you are not alone. ❤


  3. Imagine my surprise at finding me here in your blog today, Mark. We all need editors and THANK YOU for spelling my name correctly and for everything you share.
    P.S. By the way, I think you wrote “game” when you meant “gave.”
    P.P.S. Sometimes I can’t help myself.


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