Yes, we will take some more meat, thank you, Texas de Brazil

Lovely place.

Texas de Brazil served up one delicious Valentine’s Day dinner.

Terrific daughter Elisabeth and sensational significant George Three gifted for Christmas my dear wife Karen and I with a more-than-generous card from this restaurant tucked into the canyon at Syracuse mega shipping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA. We’d never been to this particular keep-the-meat-coming place, but we had once had our palates tickled in a similar-themed steakhouse on the Turning Stone Casino and Resort complex, and so decided it would be quite lovely to turn one holiday present into another holiday extravaganza.

One shopping stroll afternoon a month ago, I ducked inside and scored a reservation for two for 6:30 p.m. for the big day. Gracious the desk people were. My phone beeped with a text on Feb. 13. Push 1 to confirm I did.

Ready for us.

The restaurant greeted us with a line out the door. I went to the desk and asked if said queue of a dozen or so was for people who already had reservations, and was told yes. It went pretty quickly. Apparently, some people had not done what I had because we saw at least a couple of parties ahead of us get turned away because they indeed did not have the coveted reservation.

From the desk were immediately escorted to a cozy table for two. Server Tina told how it was going to be.

Yes, please.

Turn the token to the green side and the folks carrying meat on a big stick would stop tableside and slice it for you.

Turn it to the red side and you would have time to eat.

Fill ‘er up.

A bountiful salad bar, which also included lobster bisque, was included. All-dinner price for each: $44.99.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

First we said yes to a round of beverages.

Fill of good stuff.

Fields of green.

The salads were fresh and bright.

I asked for clean plates and turned the disc to green.

All of those plates above at one point sat in front of me.

I at slices of flank steak, sirloin steak, garlic sirloin, short rib of beef, filet mignon, lamb loin and a whole lamb chop. I took two bites of a Brazilian sausage before deciding it was too spicy for my liking. I said no to a half dozen offerings that were bacon wrapped or of chicken origin, not wanting to fill myself up too much.

Karen pretty much followed suit.

The table sides of garlic mashed potatoes and cheese bread delighted us both. Neither of us liked the fried banana.

We said no thank you to dessert.

Our bill came to $120. We tipped well, having appreciated Tina and all the carvers.

Nice place. Thank you, kids.

15 thoughts on “Yes, we will take some more meat, thank you, Texas de Brazil

  1. WOW! That sounds like a fun restaurant, and I wonder how much even better it is on a night when they’re not so busy. I’m so happy you and Karen had what sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day! ❤


    • I thought I would be able to eat more than I actually could eat, DJ. Thankfully, they carve small portions. Yet by the time we got to the filet mignon – the last carver to arrive, which I know has to be coincidental but seemed to be an evil plan at the time – I had to force it, and even placed a piece or two into the plastic baggie we brought to smuggle some home for Ellie B’s doggie Valentine.


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