Where have all the fans gone?

It didn’t seem like too far past that the parking lot up on the Syracuse University hill was packed with optimistic football fans for a big night football game against defending national champion Clemson.

Lonely, my car is.

When I pulled into our Lot for the final game of the season at the end of November, I felt isolated, indeed. Even my dear wife Karen had decided to pass on the game, choosing to attend the Wine and Chocolate Fest with her friend Marie instead.

Some hardy fans.

Cheers to the diehards, I thought, as I texted a photo to Karen and asked:

Is it the 4-7 record or 23 degrees?

Yes and yes, she decided, adding plus the holiday. Right. It was two days after Thanksgiving.

Onward I walked up the hill …

11 thoughts on “Where have all the fans gone?

  1. Thanksgiving weekend is a classic time for game rivalries even at the high school level.
    I think it is quite common to have a lot of fair weather fans involving teams that are not regularly in the top rankings.
    They had better following when players like Donavan McNabb played there.
    Or maybe they’re afraid their car will fall into one of those gigantic cracks in the parking lot !
    The fresh yellow paint won’t stop that.


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