Two pairs for less than one

I can read with less strain.

It was time for a new pair of glasses, I knew when I left for my yearly appointment with my longtime eye doctor.

After the drops and the tests were done, she agreed.

My vision had changed. For the first time in three years, new progressives were on my list.

I talked with my friend in HR at work. Wow. Our health plan at the library has a healthy discount at Empire Visionworks attached!

Off I went, to a new location this time, closer to our home in the Galeville neighborhood of Liverpool than the former spot when we lived in Eastwood. Wow, maybe it’s been closer to four years since my last pair.

I grabbed two pair of frames from the wall, figuring I’d pick my favorite at the fitting desk.

Yes, the helpful worker said after punching in my information, my discount would save me $180 on my progressives. But, wait. The store was holding a special …

If I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses with the frames priced at the same level, the total cost would be …

Click. Click. Click.

Thirty bucks less than the single pair of progressives alone.

I asked her to repeat that information. My hearing was fine.

Two weeks later, they both had arrived.

Bring on the sun.

I like the styles.

Not to mention the fact that I’ll be able to read outside come the return of warm weather wearing my prescription sunglasses.

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