Great artwork by my dear wife and terrific daughter

Off they went to create.

My dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth had been looking forward to the rock painting class at great friend Julie’s house for weeks.

Better them than me, thought I.

Elisabeth has been into the art of putting her soul into painting rocks for awhile now, placing her creations in public places and hoping others will find joy in them. The chain gets passed on with Facebook posts. Yes, it’s a thing.

Karen has attending Painting with a Twist sessions, and several of her canvases hang on her walls. One is a dual work with me, but her side is definitely the better half. We also have a canvas by Elisabeth up.


Off they went to use brushes and learn a new style. (I watched Saturday college football, happily.)

Karen’s art piece and the kit given or creation.

I think Karen’s rock art will spiff up our house.

Elisabeth’s fine work.

Elisabeth’s art will beautify her home with George Three.

Bravo, both.

17 thoughts on “Great artwork by my dear wife and terrific daughter

  1. Beautiful art takes hours of hard work, love and dedication. If I were ever to create something like this (which I couldn’t, I can’t even draw stick figures!), I’d be disinclined to then leave it in a public place not knowing what might happen to it. Kudos to Karen and Elisabeth for being brave enough to do so. I hope a photo of one of their painted rocks goes viral. (Perhaps they could sign the undersigned of the rocks, so they can get the accolades – or maybe they already do that?)


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