I’m at the top of the world

Oh, no, we thought.

The Gateway Arch website won’t sell us any tickets.

Five of us wanted to go fully appreciate the landmark after the Library and Marketing Conference 2019 had concluded.

We’d witnessed the majesty from the adjacent Hyatt Regency at the Arch often during our stay.

Let’s walk over and see if we can buy tickets at the gate, I mused to the library gang.

Me and a landmark.

We were excited to try.

Five tickets for the 4:20 excursion up, coming right up. Tickets are closed out online two hours before trip time, the kind clerk responded to my query.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

After going through a TSA-style check-in before entering the National Park, we walked through the museum and an elaborate foyer.

Big things ahead.

We entered a Disney-type line leading to the elevator.

The lift to the top was provided by a series of eight cabins that seat five people each.

The ride up takes four minutes, our guide explained before we climbed into Cabin Eight. The ride down would take three minutes. I immediately appreciated the gravity of the situation.

Toward Missouri.

Immediately I was struck by the sunset over Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mighty Mississipi,

I looked toward home, eastward over the Mississippi River and the banks of Illinois.

The views straight down displayed just how high up we were.

Me in a cool place.

I was hoping to capture a selfie with a cool view out. The lighting would not go along with my hopes.

At the wheel.

I did get the St. Louis city ferris wheel at the back of this photo, though.

The Fitbit would go nuts.

My new friend Mark said he would like to take the stairs down. No thank you.

21 thoughts on “I’m at the top of the world

  1. Was it like a stair-step roller coaster to get up and down? I vaguely remember that, but your photos don’t match my memory. I remember really liking it, and being able to feel the movement while I was in the arch.


  2. We caught it just perfect many years back when someone from the Cardinals hit a home run so they shot off fireworks just as we were looking at the stadium. So cool seeing fireworks from above them!!


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