Yes, there was a good spot to socialize

Through these doors …

You didn’t think I’d go through a several-day stay at a very nice St. Louis hotel for a strenuous yet fulfilling Library Marketing and Communications Conference without checking out the joint’s pub, did you?

My Met, before.

I felt a special tie when I spotted the jersey of Keith Hernandez on the wall. Yes, I did realize it was from his pre- New York Met days with the hometown St. Louis Cardinals.

The Man.

Keith’s jersey was in very good company. They’d also put up the jersey of Stan “The Man” Musial, a Cardinal a fully am aware of as a baseball legend.


Friendly bartender Andy served me a pint of St. Louis beer Zwickel when I asked him to pick me a light-ish local brew that was not an IPA. It was sweet.

Soon enough, I was talking to a friendly library conference colleague – one of the three who had joined me on the Terrace on the afternoon break. We shared stories of work and life. Other conference attendees and visitors from other fields entered conversations.

Socialization was good.

Before the see-ya-tomorrow’s, it was decided that a trip to the top of the Gateway Arch after the conclusion of the second day’s sessions would add flavor.

6 thoughts on “Yes, there was a good spot to socialize

  1. BTW I also used to walk when I was on my trips at the end of the day for health reasons. Having said that I also checked the crime rates when in city settings and St. Louis is one of the highest.

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