Top of the terrace to you

I thought I’d be taking a couple-minute break from an afternoon session in my room.

The three fellow Library Marketing and Communications Conference attendees had a different idea.

They asked me if I’d like to join them on an excursion to discover the Hyatt Regency’s top-floor terrace.


Always the arch.

The door was unlocked.

Our spirits soared.

The Mississippi River flows.

Views abounded. The four of us agreed how special this break turned out to be.

St. Louis, I salute you.

I snapped away at the majesty with my iPhone 8. Windows that I guess protected the hotel from, well, you know what, be damned.

Ah, the hotel, clearly.

Yes, it had snowed in St. Louis, too. We decided not to step on the white spot, thinking perhaps it was a skylight for a room below.

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