A new view from the conference

The person who checked me in at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch sent me to a room on floor 18.

They didn’t go any higher.

River view.

Yes, I thought when I pulled the curtains aside the next morning.

That is the Mississippi River behind the Gateway Arch.

Great view of the industry, too.

I was as thrilled to walk into the fourth-floor ballroom location that would be home for two full days off learning.

All ears.

As Keynote I was set to commence, we were told that 475 of us were attending for this fifh year of the event. How fortunate I was, I thought with my checklist of workshops that I’d be attending marked off in front of me, that my bosses at the Liverpool Public Library had agreed to send me for my first visit to this learning experience.

The Blog leader for Library marketing.

I was able to absorb knowledge from Angela Hursh of the Cincinnati Public Library system. I follow her fantastic blog. Yes, her two sessions I chose to attend from my agenda were well worth it.

Quite a view there too.

During a break, I looked out the window. Yikes, again.

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