I greet the sun at the Gulf of Mexico

I had to really greet the sun at the Gulf of Mexico at least once, right? So I looked up the exact time it would peek over the horizon at South Padre Island and made sure I’d take the stroll down the block in enough time to say howdy.

Moon set, not yet.

The moon was still up outside the house to the west.

First glow.

Whispers of light had started to the east.

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A new direction.

By this time, we’d all decided to veer a bit further left to beach entry No. 11 for a flatter walk. A glow was starting to come to the horizon, but I was still 20 minutes from the big occasion.

There was plenty to photograph with my iPhone 8.

As the big moment came, I noticed a rush of people emerging from the surroundings buildings, devices in hand to chronicle the moment. Apparently I was not the only person who wanted to bring the sunrise home with me.

The big moment.

The sun indeed showed its pretty self at precisely 7:02 a.m.

Come on, sleepy head.

This one above is at 7:05.

Life resumes.

Folks were ignoring the emergence by 7:07.

Time for reflection.

I said bravo before heading home at 7:16.

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